MoortCare founders Bev and John Lowe, and their team of dedicated volunteers and charitable donors work with not-for-profit organisations providing hampers, blankets and other necessities to vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals and families.

The couple partnered up with Bindoon Bakehaus co-owners Anne Maree Hagge and Leanne Phillipson for the 2021 festive season, with the Bakehaus donating nearly 200 cakes and 1200 buttery biscuits for inclusion in the hampers.

Bev (82) and John (89) Lowe have been volunteering and donating to those less fortunate for most of their lifetime. The pair began MoortCare three years ago, after previously running the charity Manna for decades, to focus more on helping vulnerable seniors.

“We established MoortCare because we wanted to focus our attention on assisting vulnerable seniors in our community — many are struggling to find anywhere to live or be able to afford basic groceries,” said Bev.

“MoortCare brings people together from all over Australia to collect blankets, scarfs, and food to provide for vulnerable seniors and some struggling families and new parents.

“We have built many relationships and connections through the work that we do, and it brings a wonderful sense of fulfilment and gratification to be able to make a significant contribution to the quality of life of those less fortunate,” said Bev.

John adds, “To us, giving back is the secret to happiness. It’s been so rewarding and provided us purpose. A handmade blanket, or a special cake or packet of biscuits at Christmas time may be a simple gesture to many of us but there are so many in WA who go without, and this small gesture means something to them.”

Bindoon Bakehaus’s Anne-Maree finds Bev and John’s tireless efforts inspiring.

“We first met Bev and John about seven years ago when they ran the Manna Foundation in a soup kitchen providing meals for the homeless. We are very community minded and we wanted to branch out further than just Chittering, so we began cooking in the kitchen for them and providing vegetables and sourcing equipment and food to help out,” said Anne-Maree.
“We are very good at hunting down extra stock from suppliers and product we have in surplus and turning it into wonderful baked items for senior citizens and people in need in Perth this Christmas.

“When I feel tired, I think, these guys are in their eighties and nineties, they are just iconic in the charity world, and I feel inspired to keep going.

Bakehaus co-owner Leanne Phillipson adds, “I’m always inspired to help Bev and John as much as we can for what they do for the community. Everyone deserves to have something nice to look forward to at Christmas and no one should miss out on the joy of the holiday.”