WA is quickly growing a reputation as an astronomy hot spot! The astronomy community in WA celebrates this by putting on their annual headline event, Astrofest. Immerse yourself in fun astronomy and stargazing activities! This amazing event in Perth attracts over 4,000 visitors. It’s free and family friendly. Dozens of big telescopes on the oval show off some wonderful views of the Universe. Join in the fun, meet amateur astronomers, talk astronomy and enjoy a community of stargazing enthusiasts. Our very own ‘Galaxy Girl’, Carol Redford, and her team will be set up on the oval so be sure to stop by for a chat.

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This month’s stargazing treat see’s the Moon travelling on a ‘Cosmic Carousel’, passing close by Venus, Saturn and Jupiter early in the month.

When to look: On 8 November, Venus and the Moon will be just 2° apart, providing a dazzling display. On the 10th the waxing crescent Moon comes near Saturn and on the 11th is between Saturn and Jupiter.

Which direction to look: Northwest after sunset.

Jump aboard this nightly planetary ride!

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