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High-five for community kindergartens!


If you are looking for a fantastic introduction to your child’s education, somewhere that can provide a focus on play-based learning, with Education Department Staff teaching the Early Years Learning Framework, then look no further than Bullsbrook Community Kindergarten.

Bullsbrook Community Kindergarten has been part of the region for over 40 years, with generations of families returning with their children to start their educational journey. Community kindergartens offer an alternative to on-site kindergartens — they are housed in purpose-built buildings, having classroom space and an outdoor play area that would be near impossible to replicate on a full school campus.

Adjustments to government spending now mean that community kindergartens must secure the enrolment of 16 children by August the previous year, a jump from the 10 formerly required. Most parents are not even thinking about the following school year in August, and even schools themselves acknowledge the influx of enrolments they receive over the summer holidays. However, if the Bullsbrook Community Kindergarten does not have these numbers in place by August they will be closed down. Once the doors have closed, they will never be re-opened and this wonderful resource would be lost forever. Community kindergartens are often located on prime real estate and are managed slightly differently to on-site kindergartens, which is an administrative inconvenience from a government perspective. These factors unfortunately make community kindergartens an easy target for directorial changes, perhaps in the hope that the effort required to keep them running will prove too much and they will eventually fade out; taking away an important early childhood education option for parents.

Anna Daniel, who has had two children attend the kindy said, “It really is the best possible start to schooling that you could ask for. You can confidently leave your child knowing they will be nurtured, as well as educated; and the sense of community between the kids, parents and teaching staff is fantastic.”

With just 18 Community Kindergartens left across the state we are very fortunate to have one in our area. If you have children due to attend kindergarten in 2019 and beyond, please contact Bullsbrook Community Kindergarten today for an enrolment pack. Children turning 4 before 30 June 2019 are eligible to attend kindy in 2019 — if your child is due to start in 2020 or 2021 you can also fill in an enrolment form now to assist the future viability of the kindy. You can phone the kindy on 9571 1392, email them bullsbrook.c.kindy@bigpond.com or call in and see them at 25 Caporn Street, Bullsbrook.