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Heifer Quality on the Rise in Gingin

Heifer Quality on the Rise in Gingin
Heifer Quality on the Rise in Gingin

The annual Gingin Heifer Competition was held last week on 16 April 2015. Competition was intense with 12 local breeders bringing a high standard of quality to the day. The commercial section was won by local breeder, Steve Neville, with a score of 90 points out of a possible 100 for a pen of four superior Black Angus heifers. Second place, with 89 points was awarded to Alan Greenwell . There was a tie for third place between David Roe , Murray Hyne and David Kelly each with 88 points.

There was also a tie for the stud section of the competition. Equal winners were Dale and John Jansen’s Black Angus and Errol and Brendon Howard’s Speckle Park heifers. Twelve entrants selected up to 2 pens of four heifers with a total of 80 heifers being judged on the day and included Black and Red Angus, Murray Grey and Speckle Park breeds. Two judges, Tony Sudlow from Kapari Angus and Brad Kupsch from Tara Limousin and Black Tara Angus had the tough job of assessing the entries and awarding the points.

At the conclusion of the day, Brad Kupsch said “The cattle breeders in the Gingin area are to be congratulated on achieving a high level of quality.

The standard of cattle breeding in Gingin has improved consistently over the years of the competition and it’s very pleasing to see the results of quality management by local breeders.” “The day highlighted the depth of Gingin cattle breeding and showcased the season’s top commercial and stud heifers from the Gingin district.”

The heifers are judged on their suitability as future breeders  with points awarded for temperament, structural soundness, femininity, carcass quality and evenness of pen for a maximum score of 100.

Competition organiser, George Gifford, said “This competition has seen a steady improvement in quality of cattle coming from the Gingin region. Over the years, the quality of our Gingin beef has improved enormously, and continues to shine a spotlight on the local industry.”