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Gravel Grinder Challenge – 6 October 2018


Get ready for the 2018 Gravel Grinder Challenge
This one-day Grand Fondo Style cycling event is being held on Saturday 6 October. It caters for all levels of ability, from junior riders to the over 50’s, from the novice rider to the keen enthusiast. We would love you to join in, either as an individual rider or as a team. Why not get some mates, family or work colleagues together?

The aim of the day is to get the community together and to raise awareness for mental health, providing an opportunity to laugh, exercise, socialize, talk, laugh again, create new friendships and meet new people. Also, we hope to bring the city to the country and give the city cyclist an opportunity to explore and experience what the country has to offer, all in one afternoon.
You can choose one of three courses which meander through the District of Moora and Watheroo, touching on the beautiful Berkshire Valley. There is no single track, but you will experience a mix of high quality gravel and bitumen roads.
The course is predominantly gravel, so if using a road bike, ride with caution as the surface can be loose or scattered with small pot holes and corrugations.
After the event you will be provided with some wonderful country hospitality, including a delicious, healthy meal and some great music provided by DJ Dave.

​So choose your ride and join the Gravel Grinder this October! To register head to the website, www.gravelgrinderchallenge.com by 4 October.



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