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Get ready for the Gravel Grinder


On Saturday 15 October, the Moora – Watheroo Gravel Grinder event is set to take place through the stunning Moora-Watheroo landscape! This is a one day Grand Fondo style cycling event aimed at cyclists of all fitness levels – from junior riders to the over 50’s, from the novice rider to the keen enthusiast. Anyone embarking on a fitness campaign or just wanting to have a fun day out is welcome.

We would love you to join in, either as an individual rider or a team of 4 – why not get some mates, family or work colleagues together. You can enter as a casual rider or “race it” – it’s up to you! The aim of the day is to get the community together and raise awareness for mental health, supported by the Black Dog Institute. The event provides an opportunity to laugh, exercise, socialize, talk, laugh again, create new friendships and meet new people.

We also hope to bring the city to the country – giving the city cyclist an opportunity to explore and experience what the country has to offer, all in one afternoon. You will experience unique country hospitality being a part of this no frills event – just a good long ride (or short if you like) through our wonderful wheatbelt.

You can choose one of the three courses which meander through the District of Moora and Watheroo, touching on the beautiful Berkshire Valley. The course is predominantly gravel, so if you are choosing a road bike, ride with caution as the surface can be loose or scattered small pot holes and corrugations. Mountain bikes are good but can be a bit heavy going – a cyclocross bike is light which makes for easy riding.

Be mindful that too heavy a bike/tire combination will make it a grueling ride – do your homework! Cycle Bespoke have great bike preparation advice on the pricing and registration page of our website. Please don’t hesitate to contact the Gravel Grinder team with any questions. Kids are welcome and we encourage everyone
to have a go. However age limits are in place to consider the safety of all cyclists. Check out www.gravelgrinderchallenge.com and the next issue of NVNews for
more information. We look forward to you joining the Gravel

Grinder this October!