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Epic speedway trip to South Australia


Donna Vanzetti

Epic pretty much describes my recent trip across to South Australia to compete in both the national and South Australian speedway state title for the street stock division.

I was lucky enough to obtain sponsorship from Ceva Logistics, who transported my race car across to Adelaide and back. Ceva were amazing, the car arrived well before I did with all the gear intact and their crew were friendly, helpful and professional.
Our first event was held at Adelaide Motorsport Park with 122 nominated drivers, being one of the largest fields in street stock history. The grand parade saw all cars out on the track and was a spectacle for all. I raced in four heats on a fast but rough track, managing to dodge plenty of carnage, with drivers holding nothing back as they tried to qualify for the feature events. It was hard, close racing and was such a thrill to be a part of. Although I did not make a feature race, I really felt that racing against the best in Australia helped me step up a level and this is why it is so great to compete in these big events.

After having a week to visit with family and do some sightseeing, we rocked up to Murray Bridge Speedway for the SA state title along with 78 other nominated drivers. The car received very little damage from the previous race meeting so only needed minor preparation by my crew.
I had four very eventful heat races on a challenging track that was dry and with little grip. One heat found me being the meat in a very crushing sandwich, and receiving extensive panel damage to both sides of the car. My second heat had me looping the car and being sent to the rear, only to fight my way back up to fifth after other drivers spun also. I managed to be in the top 50 on points and very excited to compete in the main feature race. My resourceful pit crew were able to stitch the car back together using cable ties and duct tape. I started out of 17th position, getting an awesome start and after a few laps whilst keeping to the inside line, managed to find a bit of grip and got up to 8th position. However, on lap 15 two cars spun and having nowhere to go I braked hard and received a glancing blow to the left front. This put me right back in the field with my final position being 14th.

Being able to compete in both blue-ribbon title events has been a highlight of my speedway career. It is not about going there to be the best, but just doing your best. I want to thank my wonderful family and pit crew, Shane, Tyler and Clayton. Also, Darral Staines and Darryl Bone for prepping the car prior to transport and all of my fantastic sponsors. They are Ceva Logistics, Cully’s Race Equip for supplying a full top of the line racewear pack, Badgingarra Motors for all my spare parts, Belts and Oils and Central Midlands Steel who have supported the team for a number of seasons.
With only superficial damage done to the car, we will have her back up to spec and out racing for the next big speedway meeting at Moora.