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Community litter collection


Under lovely clear skies, on a fairly warm Sunday morning, 32 enthusiastic residents registered at the Granville Civic Centre in Gingin and then proceeded to collect litter from the verges of Dewar Road, Weld Street and Cockram Road.

Members of the Gingin District Community Resource Centre Inc would like to thank these community-minded citizens (which included four youngsters among the mainly 50+ age group) and commend them for taking the time out of their busy lives to pick up other people’s discarded rubbish.

During the litter collection in the Cockram Road area, the tail of one dugite was spotted slipping away under a fence, while a lonely hen sat on her nest containing one solitary egg! Well done Gloria for spotting the chook! Around noon, participants followed the inviting aroma of cooking onions into the welcoming shade in Granville Park, where Marilyn and Michelle from Gingin’s Treasure Trove had been busy preparing a delicious sausage sizzle.

Francis White was busy all morning ferrying cool water and litter bags to various groups along the road verges. Larry, Michael and Jarrad from the Shire handled traffic control and collected the filled rubbish bags from the road verges. It was encouraging to note that there weren’t as many bags picked up this year, compared to last year, so hopefully by seeing the clean verges, the general public is getting the message about litter disposal. Although the same can’t be said for the irresponsible individuals who dumped the six tyres on the side of the road and in Nullilla
Reserve on Cockram Road!!!

At the conclusion of the event, five names were drawn from the registration forms and the winners each received a $20 gift voucher to use at local businesses. Sincere thanks are extended to all the participants, supporters and donors of this community event, including Gingin Treasure
Trove, Mary Cameron, Len and Moyra from Thrifty Link, the Shire of Gingin staff and Shire President David Roe. The Hon. Martin Aldridge MLC and Mr Shane Love MLA from the Nationals Party, not only walked the roads collecting rubbish, but also donated the greatly appreciated ice-creams as well!

Enjoy your clean roads (for a while at least)!