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Can you help support the Muchea Oval Clubroom upgrade?


Sporting clubs that utilise the current facitilies at Muchea Oval Clubroom are banding together to raise funds for a much-needed renovation of the clubrooms.

The total project cost is $1.3 million and the clubs will fundraise to cover one-third of this amount.
They are calling on any current members, parents, relatives, past players, community members and the general public if they could please donate some much-needed funds to this cause. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.
The percentage of girls playing junior club cricket at Muchea Oval is ten times higher in this area than the Western Australia State average.

What does the oval support across the season?
• 6 cricket matches over the weekend
• 70 cricket spectators
• 150 super 7’s players and spectators
• 280 Auskick competitors and Juniors
• 200 netball competitors and spectators
• Midweek training for 10 teams aged 9 to 17
• 20 Konga participants
• 20 Judo participants
• Hundreds of people, playing and cheering in the Aussie spirit of fun and achievement

Among the priority needs are:
• Upgrading the changeroom toilets – currently, there is only one sit-down toilet which is insufficient to service up to four teams per day.
• Upgrading the changeroom area – these are currently shared, providing no privacy for girls. It’s unsafe and unacceptable to have anyone able to see the girls getting changed.
• Changeroom size is below sporting codes.

Required works:
• Building 2 new changerooms that meet AFL and WACA standards – which can be split into four.
• A new ATU waste-water system to alleviate the overloaded existing facility.
• A new kitchen/canteen – the current kitchen is very old and has many issues.
• New umpire changerooms – currently, they must walk through the canteen to use public toilets.
• New clubroom and toilets to accommodate the many sporting teams who use the facility at any given time.
Our community is resilient and capable, but we can’t achieve this important community project without your assistance through donations. The clubs are required to raise over $400,000 to fund this project. We kindly ask you to help us reach this goal by making a tax deductible donation today.

You can donate via asf.org.au/donate/muchea-oval-changeroom-and-clubroom-upgrades/