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Building and renovating lives

Ben Eggleston, owner of Castlerock Building Contractors with John, a worker from Shalom House, at the house Ben built for himself and his family in Lower Chittering.

Castlerock Building Contractors are no ordinary building company. Based in Lower Chittering, the family owned business supply and construct sheds, new homes, additions, renovations and granny flats. Local business owner Ben Eggleston is passionate about restoring the lives of drug addicts and their families. Ben is on the board of Teen Challenge, a rehab centre near Esperance, which he has actively supported for the past two decades.

Ben also gives former drug addicts a second chance at life by providing them with employment and helping them on their journey to recovery. Ben employs men from Shalom House, a drug rehab centre that was founded by former addict Peter Lyndon-James, and his wife Amanda who was raised in Wongan Hills. Peter recently won the West Australian of the Year Award and the Telstra Business of the Year Award for his charitable work with Shalom House.

Ben’s wife Benita Eggleston, who does the admin for Castlerock, said they employed Shalom House workers because they were “Reliable with a good
work ethic and they take the opportunity for employment seriously.” Whilst Ben and Benita have never been drug users, they have personally experienced how difficult it is to pick up the pieces when a family member becomes a drug addict. Ben believes that Shalom House are restoring the lives of men and families in the community. When Ben provides the men with opportunities to work, they use their income to pay off lingering debts from their former lifestyle. When they are ready to leave Shalom House not only are they debt free, they even have savings, enabling them to start off on the right foot.

Benita said, “The clients we have are fully supportive of what we do and we’ve had lots of feedback about how the workers from Shalom are respectful and hardworking.” If you’d like to get in touch with Ben and Benita please call 040 212 5611 or checkout Castlerock Building Contractors on Facebook.

If you or a family member are struggling with drug addiction please call Peter Lyndon-James from Shalom House on 0473 883 914.