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Four Gingin Shire students and one staff mentor will be taking part in October Camp Hero this month. Riley Hyne (Swan Christian), Harlan Auld, Hannah Miles and Alara Letchford (Gingin District High School) were successful in their applications to the zero2hero organisation. Gingin Branch Manager Christian Kelly applied to be a mentor on this camp and was a successful candidate out of 40 applicants.

Gingin Districts Community Financial Services Ltd (GDCFS Ltd) has proudly supported all four students to attend. The Board of GDCFS Ltd believes that education for mental health with our youth is a very important issue for today’s society.

After hearing the CEO of zero2hero, Ashlee Harrison, speak at a conference last year the GDCFS Ltd have endeavoured to support the organisation in their quest to get the message out to the public. Zoe Harris and Maddi Hendry were supported last year and have brought back skills they learnt whilst there and have been able share these important life skills with their peers at school and in the wider community. Both have said it is life changing experience and anyone who can should try to apply.

This year with the assistance of GDHS Teacher Kim Morton the story was shared at our local school and from that Harlan, Hannah and Alara decided to apply and were successful and with the information shared in the community Riley also applied and was accepted too. This is a great achievement for our community and hopefully they all will go on and be Heroes to their peers into the future.