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Aussie dream in the making


Meet Peter and Adam Watts. Twin brothers with a big shed and and even bigger vison. Living the dream of many Aussie blokes, they’ve built their own brewery from scratch on Peter’s picturesque bush block in Lower Chittering. But this is no backyard home-brew operation. The boys have grand plans for their patriotically branded beers and ciders.

With 10 years experience in the brewing industry, much of it at Ironbark Brewery under brewer Graeme White, Peter and Adam know their stuff.

“A lot of it is water science,” explains Adam, “If your water tastes bad – so will your beer!”
Pure rainwater is collected from the roof of the custom-built shed and filtered before use as part of their commitment to using quality, local and natural ingredients in their products.

“If you’re a big player you’ve got to focus on economics – that could mean buying cheap reconstituted juice from China – and that’s not us,” says Peter. “We’re using apples from Donnybrook for our cider and all Australian grain from a family- owned company for our beer. Even our hops is Aussie.”

The pair plan to focus on smaller custom batches of affordable craft beers and unique ciders using different fruits, including raspberry and mango (mmm — I can persoanlly vouch for this one!) as well as traditional apple and pear. They crush the fruit on-site and Adam even has plans to plant his own orchard.

Both refridgeration mechanics by trade, they plan to let the business grow organically, brewing on weekends and on Adam’s FIFO weeks off.

Their facility is capable of producing up to 4000 litres of beer and 1000 litres of cider per week in full swing and the ultimate plan is for it to become full-time. They’ve already paid off all the equipment and borrowed no money – a strategic plan they believe will give them an edge, as well as the freedom to do what they want with the business.

Getting their official liquor licence last month was the last green light the brewers needed, and they are now ready to trade, with Outback Brewing Company beers and ciders now available at select venues.

If you’d like to try Outback Brewing Company beers and ciders they are now available at The Henley Brook Tavern in the Swan Valley and Liquor Barrens in Bayswater.

If you are interested in stocking their products contact:
adam@outbackbrewing.co 0417178391
peter@outbackbrewing.co 0400770959