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Audrey takes over


Way back in 2018, the Shire administration building, including the Bindoon Library, had a much-needed renovation. After the dust settled, a very sad looking Arrowhead pot plant (Syngonium polophyllum) that had once lived on the front counter was put out to pasture. Despite not having the best green thumb, I decided to rescue it and see if I could coax it back to life.

My efforts consisted entirely of putting the pot on a shelf under my new window and watering her once a week. Not the most tender of care, I admit, but I did mention I’m not very good with plants. I guess my good intentions counted for something (or, more likely, the spot on the windowsill was the ‘Goldilocks spot’) because the plant found a new lease on life.

It grew. And it grew. And it grew some more.

It flourished so much that I started to call her Audrey (after the crazy plant from Little Shop of Horrors). As Audrey put out new vine after new vine, I would wrap them around the pot to keep her somewhat contained. Eventually, I decided that I would use some stick-on hooks on the wall and let her grow away from the pot. First, we went one direction, and then the other. Now, the plan is to see if she can grow the entire way around the library office.

Audrey wasn’t content with this new challenge and continued to send shoots in all directions, and so I took a cutting and stuck it in a jar. Audrey 2 loved life in her upcycled Moccona jar and I moved her to the front Library counter. She was so impressive that a customer asked for their own cutting and happily took Audrey 3 home.

I decided that if Audrey was being so generous, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to green-up the rest of the library. I took another eight cuttings and my friend, Tash, gave me another eight Moccona jars. She also has a Cricut and, being as geeky as I am, made me up some nameplates to number each limited edition Audrey. For her efforts, Tash was gifted Audrey 6. Some of the new Audreys are now big enough to be out on top of the shelves, while others are still growing.

So, next time you come into the Library, take a moment to say hi to Audrey. And Audrey 2, 4, 5, and 7 – 11. They’re very much a part of life at the library now and the atmosphere is much nicer because of them.