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A link in the chain


I’ve always been a big advocate for the saying that libraries are more than just books. Not only do we have other resources to offer such as DVDs, board games and activities, we’re also a community hub. We’re somewhere that people can come together, feel connected and be part of the community. We’re a link in the chain, a small part of the whole.

Each month we have a different theme here at the Bindoon Library and March is Safer Communities Month. At first glance people might ask what does that have to do with the library and to them I’d say, “Go back and read the first paragraph”. In all seriousness, the library is a place that can activate and promote many initiatives that all have the same goal; to create and foster a safe community.

Late last year we became a registered Safety House, offering children a safe place to go if they feel scared, threatened, bullied, or hurt on their way either to or from school. We’ll be promoting this during March by offering free colouring sheets to kids throughout the month, plus at a special Rhyme Time on Wednesday 4 March, the kids can meet the Safety House mascot, IMA.

On Thursday 12 March, Advocare are doing a presentation about Senior’s Rights, Elder Abuse, and Aged Care Concerns. It’s a sad reality that many seniors don’t feel safe in their own homes, and unfortunately it can be due to family members. Advocare will explain what Elder Abuse is, how to recognize it, and what you can do if you are suffering from it or know someone who is.

On Thursday 19 March after school, the Gingin police will be down to have a meet and greet with local children. Too often, police are used as the ‘bad guy’ to make kids behave and so instead of asking the police for help when in need, many children will run away. The Library will offer a safe place for kids to come and meet our local coppers, to learn about what they do to keep the community safe, and there will also be some fun activities.

Being safe isn’t just about avoiding those who wish us harm, but also keeping ourselves safe from the forces of Nature. On the morning of Saturday 28 March, local volunteers from the Chittering Fire Services and the SES will be on hand for Disasters for Dummies which will teach you how to keep your family safe during a disaster. There will be games and activities, storytime, plus you can have a Five Minute Fire Chat with a Firey.

We’ll also have a Resource Shelf available all month long with information and brochures about suicide awareness, domestic violence, bullying, cyber security, intimate violence within LGBTQ relationships and elder abuse.

The library is YOUR safe place, and we want to give you the tools to help build a safer community. Give us a call or check out the Shire’s website or the Bindoon Library Facebook page for more info regarding these events.