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Kinetic dreaming is coming to Mooliabeenie!


Kinetic Dreaming Festival for art, music and lifestyle grew out of creator Simon Peterffy’s experiences at Rainbow Serpent and other “Eco-festivals” that have been springing up along the east coast of Australia over the past few years.

Simon is a well known environmental activist. Fronting an organisation called Forest Rescue, he has been instrumental in saving old growth jarrah forests and archaeological sites of significance around Western Australia.

Simon is best known for the daring exploit when he climbed from the Sea Shepherd in the Antarctic onto a Japanese whaling boat, in a bid to
prevent the slaughter of whales illegally occurring in Australian waters. This feat, accomplished in freezing temperatures catapulted him into the media and public’s consciousness and has made him a household identity.

He chose the Bindoon Rock Festival Site to stage Kinetic Dreaming as it is one of the few sites in the nation which provides for camping and is a legend in its own right. By acquiring a ten year lease he hopes to stage the festival and grow it over that period to become one of the true eco-festivals in the nation. Thus although it is on the Bindoon Rock festival site it is an entirely new event with quite a different intent.

Many people labour under the misrepresentation that as an environmental activist group Forest Rescue is against farmers and pastoralists who work the land: this is not true. The group recognise that many of the mistakes made in early clearing of land and the damage done by erosion etc is no fault of the farming community, the result of bad information and done in the early years of our state, when many ideas were transposed from England.

He recognises that modern generations of farmers, as with his expected crowd, have an affinity with Mother Earth and are actually leaders on many fronts in developing land reclamation and environmentally friendly energy and conservation projects. He welcomes any local or person from these backgrounds to look at displaying their products or inventions at this festival.
The festival is built around two different types of music.

In the Lifestyle Village, where activists, exhibitors – everyone for political organisations such as Sea Shepherd to Tarot Card readers and Yoga workshops will be situated – there will be a city of tents and stalls including 30 varieties of food and local produce. Again, locals are encouraged to participate by contacting Forest Rescue on forestrescue2015@gmail.com. This area will host a “live music stage” playing a variety of music types from flutes, through to brass and saxophone, drum workshops, to operatic singers (see www.samantharay.com.
au) blues bands, fold bands with protest songs, to guitar duels with Santana style guitar battles, a live microphone bracket for local Bindoon artists and musicians, along with many other eclectic types of music.
Down in the valley will be Disc Jockey music where from three (3) stages – the Sun and Moon Stage, the Tower of babel Stage (3 levels) and the Water World Stage – with its unique 10 metre yacht used as a DJ platform – will feature the best local and international DJs (see https://soundcloud.com/electrypnose) nonstop over the long weekend.
Camping is at the heart of this festival and people are encouraged to bring their friends and build little community campsites, with exotic marques, cushions, Persian mats, and unique themes as has become the practise along the east coast. Alcohol is not on sale and the festival does not want people bringing it onto the property. Random vehicle searches will be carried out. All Terms and Conditions of Entry along with all information relating to Ticket Sales is posted on the festival website. Visit www.kineticdreaming.com.au.
There is an additional fee for all vehicles to shift the weight of the cost to each individual by encouraging car-pooling, as well as reducing the carbon imprint on the festival.

All Patrons will be issued with a festival map upon entry which will include a list of the entertainment, signposting to where all facilities are, terms and conditions and even a child identification and campsite location tag for youths/kids under 17 years of age.
Gates open 7.30am Saturday 28th Feb and music finishes midday Monday 2nd March.