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Mandarins are fast becoming the favoured choice as they offer the perfect lunch box addition, easy to peel and less mess than oranges.

Imperials are the most popular mandarin variety because they are the first to be harvested each season.

They are a golden-orange mandarin, and one of a handful of popular citrus varieties that have originated in Australia. Imperials are easy to peel, have very few seeds, and can be
enjoyed as a perfect portable snack. For the Mandarin lover there are six varieties in our region; all look much the same but vary in the ease of peeling and the number of pips.
The Daisy is an easy peel mandarin known for it’s bold and aromatic flavour. They are also popular due to their large size, and their rich glossy skin.

Hickson, the most common mid-season mandarin it is an easy peel, quite heavily seeded. The Clementine, is an early season imperial mandarine. Murcott mandarin is known for it’s attractive appearance and excellent flavour. It is a large variety with the reputation of being sweet. They are also a favourite for juicing.

The Afourer, a new variety to WA, originates from Morocco. It develops a highly attractive deep orange-red colour and is easy to peel. It is known to be very flavoursome. It can be
seedless, but this can be affected by growing conditions.

A WA bred Mandarin is the Mystique. If Oranges are your citrus of choice then it is typically a Navel Orange variety. Traditionally the two main varieties were the early season
Washington and late Lanelate. Today varieties include the Navelina an early large orange with a tendency to be oval shaped reported to have a beautiful taste, very deep orange
colour, also the Newell and the Chislett.

A recent variety which has grown in popularity is the Cara Cara (sold as Rosey Red in WA). The Cara Cara/Rosey Red is a low acid, sweet Navel type that is very delicious and suitable as a table fruit. The Rosey Red is not the same as a blood orange, which is a small to medium sized orange with most fruit having a red to dark-red blush on the outside of the fruit with a dark colour uneven pattern in the flesh. Most prominant retailers will have the fruit sliced open to show the colour.

To appreciate the many varieties of oranges, it is a worth a visit to Golden Grove on Chittering Road. Amongst the varieties is also a variety very popular with those allergic to citric and also the asian market. This very sweet orange is unusual to the western palette but is extremely popular in Asia.

Connie Zampogna of Golden Grove, shared that the variety, which had been on the property for many years had largely been ignored, until it was recognised by one of their
Vietnamese pickers. The picker was delighted to find the variety which is a popular orange variety in Vietnam.

It has a distinctive sweet taste with an interesting aftertaste which is preferred by Asian palettes. At Golden Grove you will also find a vast range of citrus juices from lemon
squash, lime and orange juice.


Living in the heart of a citrus growing region the choices are far and wide and the taste is fresh and sweet.

At this time of year the roadside stalls along the highways and side routes offer many locals and tourists their desired citrus fix. Most stalls are unmanned and
work on an honour system. For those travelling north of Bindoon, Betty is often on-site and provides travelers with a welcome chat. For others the Farmers
Market’s offers a family outing to explore new produce and return home with the obligatory bag of citrus.

Local producers Helen & Shane Martin of Bindoon Citrus are now in its third year of selling it’s fresh fruit across WA through their online store. This popular
service is welcomed by those living far away. Shoppers from Broome to Esperance as well as many in Perth who like the convenience and the freshness of
the fruit.

For those lucky enough to have a tree or orchard in their backyard, the challenge is delaying the temptation to pick the fruit too early.