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Who’s that citrus guy?


If you frequent the weekend markets in the Northern Valleys, you may have already met the region’s newest citrus crusader — a man on a mission to fill local
backyards with home-grown produce.

Masquerading as ‘That Citrus Guy”is the affable Scott Moore, who on an ordinary weekday is production manager at Cit Trees, growing and grafting all types of citrus trees for wholesale via nurseries On the weekends, the Chittering based father-of-four transforms into ‘That Citrus Guy’, whose motto ‘Get back to the garden’, aims to inspire home gardeners to do just that. He brings hope to barren backyards with his abundant range of fruit trees including citrus, native limes, mangoes and every kid’s favourite – the Lemonade tree.

Not content to leave his trees in the hands of the average, shady home-gardener, Scott also offers an at-home service. “When you go to a regular nursery
you buy your tree and walk out. It’s you and the tree and that’s it! The whole idea behind ‘That Citrus Guy’ is to get out and show people: that’s where you put it, that’s how you plant it, that’s how you look after it. I can come to your house and give on-the-spot advice. If people want to call me afterwards I’m happy to

Starting out as a landscape gardener, Scott soon realised he was more interested in actual plants than landscapes and moved into working at nurseries and garden centres, honing his citrus skills along the way. “Cit Trees is my career and always will be, but That Citrus Guy gives me a chance to pursue my passion of getting people back into the garden and growing their own food.” So can this humble green thumb hero help save our citrus? His healthy, fruit laden trees suggest he has a few secret weapons… “First of all water your tree – much more than you think! And you must feed your tree constantly through the growth period — from September to April,” says Scott, “but aim your food and water at the drip line of the canopy — not at the trunk! I see a lot of people dig a hole in
the ground, stick the tree in and pour water and nutrients into the hole. They are literally creating a pot in the ground! The tree has no reason to spread its roots and grow into the best tree it can become!”

If you’d like to join Scott in his crusade to rediscover the home garden, visit That Citrus Guy at the Chittering Valley Markets on Saturday July 8 and the Bindoon Farmers Market on Sunday July 23. In the meantime you can contact him via Facebook at That Citrus Guy