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A WA first in chaff packaging



Jamie Turner and his wife Dale have set up a new feed business just north of Bindoon. Called Australian Premium Feeds, this is no small venture in any shape or form. To start with the shed is 22m x 54mtre long and took over 6 months to build – a huge recycling project. You might recognize it as the old MacDonald Johnson in Collier Rd, Bayswater.

Inside is a large chaff-packaging machine – the first of its kind in WA and the first of this latest model in Australia. Based on trends on the east coast and Europe it is only a matter of time that this new machine will provide the new norm in packaged chaff.

The shift to condensed, efficient packaging is not too dissimilar to the dramatic shifts in export hay that has occurred over recent years on the
domestic market. Jamie is confident it will take off, recalling his experience with compressed hay, “It was hard work and then it just took off.”
Historically chaff has been delivered in hesian bags and Jamie is confident this too will change as people embrace the efficiency of this new chaff packaging.

The savings are not only in the transport and handling but also better floor space utilization for retailers. As you can see in the picture below – 27 bags can be easily packed on a pallet, significantly easier than moving 27 hesian bags on or off a truck.

Jamie has a strong farming background and has also worked with large hay producers. He moved to Muchea in recent years and this opportunity, coupled with his desire to start his own business, was the start of this new venture which he and his wife have embraced with great commitment and energy.

The machine has potential beyond bagging chaff – to other products such as woodchips and mulch. Australian Premium Feeds are confident their efficient packaging and quality assurance parameters will help them stand out from their competition.

The business will sell wholesale to retailers, stock feed and pet supply stores. Australian Premium Feeds is available at Gingin Stockfeeds, Bullsbrook Produce and Muchea Irrigation, or ask at your preferred stock feed store.