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Save Moora Residential College


The pre-Christmas announcement that the Moora and Northam Residential Colleges would be closed by the McGowan Government as part of a budget cut that would also see the School of the Air (SOTA) and 6 camp school sites closed has sent shock waves through our rural communities.
While a new announcement on 11 January has reversed the cuts to SOTA and Northam Residential, the fight to keep Moora Residential open continues. Along with concerned community members Central Midlands High School P&C is gathering support to fight the decision. They are urging people to sign the petitions at local shops and join the facebook page “Save Moora Residential College.”

Below is what the group have posted:
If Moora Residential College closes it has a long term effect on the entire town and surrounding district.
Please don’t just sit back and say my child doesn’t go there so it’s not my problem! It is our entire community and district’s problem!
If we lose the current boarding population (approximately 15% of our entire High School population) Central Midlands Senior High School then loses the equivalent amount in funding as the funding is based largely on the number of children attending — this equates to 3 teachers’ salaries!
Less teachers means less subjects available and a strain on the ones remaining to teach in areas they are not trained. If it affects ATAR classes, it then means either more SIDE classes or not having subjects available at all (neither of these options are ideal).
If your child can’t study the subjects they need for their chosen career path, what do you do? Send them off to school in Perth, again, a drop in numbers for CMSHS and more cost for you (if you can even afford it).

For some this may mean relocating to Perth so their child can have the education they need. Families pack up, including siblings, and all of a sudden the numbers start to drop in the primary schools — again less funding, less teachers.
Can we see how the cycle is working in the schools alone?
Now let’s talk about the community as whole.Sporting clubs will be affected, with not only the loss of participants but also the volunteers vital to keep these groups running.
Businesses will have less income, not just from the students that use them but also the families that have had to move away because of job loss or relocating to Perth for their child’s education.

This seemingly one small closure creates a vicious circle which impacts not only our town but others in the district, because let’s face it we don’t all live in the Moora townsite.

What can we do?
The CMSHS P&C has taken the first step by getting the word out via social media. The Shire of Moora, in consultation with local groups, are looking at engaging the services of a strategic planner to consolidate all the information and to work out the best strategy to present it.

You can help us with this by signing the petitions currently circulating (please only sign each one once). If you’re going on holidays, take a copy with you and get others to sign. Even if you have signed the electronic petition circulating, please sign the hard copies — they are more valuable than electronic.

The link to download and print the petition is on Member for Moore, Shane Love’s facebook page ShaneLoveMoore, and you can read his opinion on the matter on page 5 – he is promising to continue to fight for the college.
Share our page with all of your friends and ask them to do the same.
Impact statements from students, teachers, parents, business people and really any member of the general public stating what effect it will have on you would be great!

The P&C will be collating this information for the Strategy Planner. This information can be emailed to cmshspandc@gmail.com.All personal or sensitive information will be treated in the strictest confidence and will only be accessed by the President and Secretary of the P&C.