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Muchea poised to go live, online


Australia Video Auctions Service (AVA) is poised to start a three month test period allowing buyers
and sellers to access Muchea sheep and cattle sale yards online if they cannot attend in person.

AVA principle and manager Geoff Twine developed the unique live and pre-recorded stock-in-pens photo and video network for
internet over 18 months ago.

“We hope this technology will drag sale yards out of the last century,” says Geoff, who challenges that there have been few changes to a
very old sale yard auction trading method since the conception of an open cry auction. He believes this new system will hugely increase the efficiency of livestock trading.

The AVA network is built to be robust and fast, and is designed so stock can be clearly seen in their sale pens prior or even during the
auction. No participants are disadvantaged by the interaction with sale yards network and stakeholders in the industry with an interest in the sale process can be involved, regardless of where they are in the world.

“This system is very fast and simple to use. After logging on, the purchaser is able to filter the stock they wish to look at by just a click
of a button. Using the purchase request slip or a simple phone call to their agent they can bid on their choice.” says Geoff.

The system could become available for online use as soon as December 2014, pending approval from WAIMA (Western Australia
Meat Industry Authority) and all four rural livestock companies.

To find out more go to: http://www.istreamstudios.tv/index.php/channel/32/business