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Moore fun to be had!


The names of classic seaside shacks say it all. That’s A-Moore, Moore-to Sea, More rest, One-Moore, Dunn Moore, Forever Moore, What’s Moore, A little Moore and the list goes on…

Visiting the sleepy tourist town of Guilderton, set at the mouth of the Moore River is like stepping back in time to those long childhood summer holidays filled with sun and sand and sea; when the only thing there was to buy was an ice cream and a bucket of hot chips. With just two shops and no pub, late-night restaurants or retail shops the day trippers are gone by sunset and the overnighters are settled inside.

The beach is often rough, but a perfect place to boogie board, and the virtually empty coastline stretches as far as the eye can see.
While windswept afternoons offer the lazy a perfect excuse to peruse that elusive novel, the more adventurous are drawn to Guilderton’s trump card – the Moore River itself – where one can escape the sting of sand by kayaking or boating up river.

Afternoon entertainment around the bend ranges from enjoying a few bevvies on your own home-made pontoon to high speed racing down the sand dunes to see how far across the river you can go on a boogie board sprayed with Mr Sheen. For some, this even includes the requirement of a crash helmet and a go-pro. Whatever floats your boat.

While a 5-knot speed limit on the water way curtails any engine powered thrills, a bit further down river the legendary rope swing is a chance to get the adrenaline pumping. For some, like the graceful fellow pictured above, it’s a New Years Day ritual which has been perfected over the years. For other young kids taking their turn in the line-up – it was a chance to combat their fears in a physical world instead of a virtual one.
A holiday spot since the early 1900’s, Guilderton’s charm is a well kept secret by those who frequent it – and that’s the way they like it.

To stay at Guilderton book a holiday home through locals Branchy’s or Country Values, who offer holiday homes at a range of coastal towns – see www.cvhh.com.au. If you dont have time to overnight, it’s a pleasant day trip from most parts of the Northern Valleys region.