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Lumani White Dorpers in prime condition


Although Dorper sheep are well-known as hardy good-doers, the fortunate flock at JJ’s Farm, from our cover story, will spend the dry summer months nibbling on a smorgasbord of green perennial grasses interspersed with fruity seconds from the mango orchard.

Owned and managed by husband and wife team Jill Wilson and John Reymond, Lumani White Dorper Stud is part of the couple’s mixed farming enterprise east of Lancelin. The sheep are primarily Jill’s domain, and she has developed her stud with a focus on low maintenance but highly productive sheep. The sheep are naturally bred, producing approximately 30 stud rams and ewes for sale each year.
Careful selection of genetics has produced a line with superior shedding characteristics, high fertility and mothering as well as low disease risk and superior worm resistance.

“With the rams we use Lambplan and measure developmental traits so you can be assured that our rams will do the job, and will produce healthy productive lambs,” says Jill.

Introduced into Australia in 1996 From South Africa, the Dorper sheep breed was soon embraced by the sheep industry due to their natural productivity and hardy nature. Able to cope with anything from lush pasture to arid landscapes, the Dorper and White Dorper are a naturally shedding meat breed which can produce a liveweight of of 90-120 kg for rams and 50-80kg for ewes.

“We chose Dorpers because they are easy-care meat sheep – don’t need crutching, mulesing or shearing, the lambs grow really well, they are very hardy, the meat is delicious and the ewes are terrific mothers with massive udders and very protective of their young,” says Jill.

The breed was also an ideal fit for their sand plain property where the perennial grass varieties Rhodes and Panic they have planted offer a green pick, even in summer. During the upcoming mango season the lucky sheep will also enjoy unsaleable fruit as a supplement.
As well as providing rams for commercial producers and other studs, Lumani White Dorpers offers starter packs with a ram and a few ewes (usually 4) which are ideal for people with small blocks and those who are new to sheep.
You can learn more about the stud, and Dorpers in general from their website — www.lumaniwhitedorpers.com, or give Jill a call on 0429 087 172