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Bindoon Chitterbug – new shop in town


With Christmas around the corner – whether buying gifts for others or spoiling yourself Bindoon Chitterbug is worth a visit.

Located in the old bakery building, according to a local reader who stumbled on the new shop, “WOW, I walked in there today and felt I was in some very
posh outlet in Cottesloe. It’s a “must see” for the discerning shopper.”

The shop is the creation of a group of local artisans who are inspired to provide a ‘gallery like’ location where people can buy the artistic works of West Australians.

In their freshly painted shopfront the ladies are enjoying a wonderful initial response from the artistic community who are keen to see an outlet for their works.

Current work includes fabulous fine wood making creations by Ron Taggart as well as Alpaca scarves by show winning Chris Petraszek and the finest teddy bears that are sought after treasures by grown ups. It will be exciting to see the shop evolve over time as it brings to the town a wonderful collection and celebration of artists work. Anyone who has travelled locally or further afield would appreciate what joy can come of finding a unique treasure in your travels.

In this new world where there is so much made in China it is refreshing to pick up a bowl or a scarf and appreciate its uniqueness.

From little things big things grow – the region offers a perfect opportunity to nurture artistic talents and now hopefully with a new opportunity to sell their wares it all helps present the region as a vibrant community. We look forward to working with Chitterbug in the future to showcase and celebrate some of the artistic works on display.