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Ransomware and hacking tools

Ransomware has been making the news lately with the WannaCry and, more recently, Petya strains grabbing the headlines. These threats were dangerous because they so easily spread to unpatched computers. The reason these malware attacks were so effective was because they used a zero day exploit (called EternalBlue) that was developed for cyber attacks by […]

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Activity trackers

If your new year’s resolutions include getting fitter then you may want to look at activity trackers that are currently available on the market. Traditional fitness trackers have been in the shape of watches and have been able to measure your pulse and distance as well as track your time. With the advent of smartphones, […]

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Extending your wireless network

Wireless networks are very common in homes and businesses these days. Most people will have a broadband router that will act as your wireless access point, which provides a wireless network around the house or business. The maximum range of the wireless network will depend on a number of factors but generally speaking the more […]

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Tech Talk – Email Setup and Options

Chittering IT daryl@chitteringit.com Email is one of the most important means of communications these days and there are many ways to access your email. Whether you use a smartphone, tablet or desktop PC, you will need to configure your device and there are a number of ways to do this. Mobile devices are usually straight […]

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Tech Talk – TV Connections

I recently was helping connect up a new home theatre system and I found that there were many ways of interconnecting all the devices that are commonly used these days. Here’s a short description of the options available. There are two types of connections you can make between your AV devices. These can be either […]

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